Cleaning Bucket Process

GO Opportunity

Flood Relief for South Louisiana & South Mississippi


Thank you for your response! Our church's direct disaster efforts have provided funds over $2,400 for UMCOR and $5,800 for our church's direct disaster efforts. Seventy-eight flood buckets and twenty five health kits have been delivered to Louisiana.


As our church is in the midst of focusing on “Community” through the current message series, what better way to be the hands and feet of Jesus than to pray and supply the immediate needs of people for clean-up in the South Louisiana and South Mississippi areas.  United Methodists are responding immediately with the collection of Cleaning Buckets. Christ United will be packing buckets this week through Sunday. Click on the instructions link to download the list of items needed to complete a Cleaning Bucket and directions on how to pack the bucket.

It is very important that the total list of items be purchased in order to complete a bucket. Buckets cannot be sent if all items are not included. If you want to participate but you can’t purchase the entire list, partner with someone else to complete a bucket.  What a great opportunity to network as a small group for this mission project. The buckets will be taken to the impacted areas next week. Please pray for all those in need.  

The Missions Department will continue to keep you posted on additional needs and opportunities to help support this recovery effort.
Thank you for your compassion and generosity.

1. Buy bucket supplies.
2. Bring supplies to Christ United (Bucket will be provided.)
3. Pack supplies in bucket at Christ United.
4. Completed buckets will be delivered to distribution center.


Purchase all items on the list and bring to Christ United to pack a bucket.  Processing station is set up in the Great Hall South entrance.
It may be difficult to find all the items because so many in our area are responding.   Please just purchase as closely as possible to what’s listed
and bring what you have. 

What else can we do?

Pray for all affected and responders giving emergency relief

If you would rather donate financially, you can give the money to cover the cost of a flood bucket (avg. $50 - $60) to CUMC with flood relief in memo or donate (any amount is appreciated) to the UMCOR and memo UMCOR Advance #901670.

Prepare to partner with a team to go onsite and assist with clean up.   Remember, this clean up is going to take a very long time.  We need to be thinking about taking a team every 2-3 weeks.  If you would be interested in partnering with a team simply email the Missions Office.
Contact Information:    601-914-7108

Early Response Team Training / Meridian District Office

This half-day of training is available for anyone interested in responding soon after a disaster has occured. Only specially trained first responders and ERTs can enter a disaster area due to health concerns and infrastructure limitations. Transportation will be provided. Please register by September 26. Contact the Missions Office at 601-914-7108 or email

Long Term Recovery Response Team

After the immediate response needs are met by first responders and ERT teams, the long term recovery process begins the supporting and rebuilding of communities. Christ United will send two teams October 14 & 15 to Baton Rouge, LA and Clarksdale, MS. Please register by September 26. Contact the Missions Office at 601-914-7108 or email

Health Kit

Purchase all items on the list and following the assembly instructions and bring to Christ United for delivery to effected areas.  Click on the link below to download the supply list of items needed to complete a kit. If you would rather donate financially, please memo your donation flood relief/health kit and submit to the finance office or Sunday morning offering.