Creative Equip

Creative Equiq Resumes in September


Interested in singing, playing drums or even operating a camera?

Creative Equip is designed just for you. This is your opportunity to learn and develop your gifts in worship music or tech production. We have coaching available in every single area of interest for you to explore and grow. If you are willing to serve in worship, but not sure where to start let us help you discover it. Our goal is to provide an easy on ramp to whatever capacity you feel led.

Worship Music

During Creative Equip, we break off into small group focused areas. Whether that be guitar, keys, vocals, or drums - we've got a place for you. We select a pool of songs each sememster that the individual groups will work on and learn along side a coach. Following the individual groups, we will occasionally gather back together as a band.

Tech/AV Production

Creative Equip also provides a session to cover the basic ends and outs of how Sunday production goes into play. Our tech/AV team begins with teaching the simple actions of operating lights, camera, and projection. Every semester we set aside time to focus more in-depth on a particular area of production, such as programming lights for the stage and environment.

To find out more about Creative Equip email   Creative Equip will resume in September.