Weekday Preschool Classes


Cookin' with Kids

An innovative approach to introducing a variety of early math and reading readiness skills can be found in our bi-weekly cooking classes. Correlated to the child's Topic of Discovery, Cookin' with Kids develops fine motor skills, classification, sequencing, following directions and discerning cause and effect.

Computer Tutor

Individualized exposure to basic computer skills in the four and five year old classes enhances each child's mastery of a variety of hand-eye coordination skills.  Additional reading and math readiness skills, such as alphabet and number recognition, are introduced through this bi-weekly experience. The low teacher-child ration of this program defines the level of success the child feels as he masters various skills.

Movin' On Up!

Gross motor development is a vital part of growing up! At The Weekday Preschool we incorporate a variety of age-appropriate skills to help the child master those sequential challenges essential to proper child development. Skipping, galloping, crawling, twisting, stopping, changing direction, left to right progression, running and dancing are just a few of the activities in which we engage each child. The low teacher-child ratio allows for concentrated individualized instruction and encouragement as the child accomplishes each of these tasks.

Sing Along with Me!

Music is a very important part of the overall early childhood experience at The Weekday Preschool. Research has shown a dramatic relationship between a child's exposure to music and early brain development. Children are exposed to an appreciation of music, while being introduced to developmentally age-appropriate skills to help make music an enjoyable part of their day. Each child will perform at two music programs during the year, and learn a variety of songs incorporated into the overall program curriculum.

Bright Beginnings

Our "chapel" experience allows each child an opportunity to express reverence and respect during this sanctuary time. Basic character development traits such as honesty, responsibility, encouragement, friendship, truthfulness, servanthood, compassion and courage are introduced and discussed. A variety of Bible verses and stories are shared throughout the year.

Stay and Play

This optional program is available Monday - Friday from 12 noon until 2 pm. In order to participate, the child must be 3 years old, potty-trained and must not require an afternoon nap. An additional fee is charged for each day of participation, and children are to bring a nutritional lunch and drink from home. The Weekday Preschool Office must be notified no later than 10:00am if a child already present at school needs to stay for lunch on that particular day. Supervised play allows the child to participate in this age-appropriate social setting.