Leaving A Legacy 

Because of the aging “Baby Boomer” generation, experts are predicting a “death tsunami” that will sweep across America between 2020 and 2050. The old saying is true: “You can’t take it with you.” The “baby boomers” will leave their wealth to someone. The question is - To Whom?

This approaching situation creates an opportunity for donors to have an enormous influence on our society and world. WHERE people transfer their wealth will make a tremendous difference on the future. 
Will it be:  
•  left to a good cause? 
•  given to the “old alma mater” 
•  entrusted to people without the wisdom or ability to handle it wisely?

This future scenario creates both a DILEMMA and an OPPORTUNITY for congregations like Christ United.
The Dilemma:  Many of those who are the “core” of faithful giving in local churches today will be gone by 2050; once these generous givers are gone, raising funds for ministry will be a challenge. The generations behind these “faithful givers” have not yet demonstrated the same sense of sacrifice or commitment to giving.

The Opportunity:  As people reach the end of earthly life, we can leave a lasting legacy. We can make a “final gift” to God that will undergird and support ministry in the future for Christ United and its many disciples that will continue to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ.

The Christ United Legacy Endowment Fund exists to provide a way for legacy gifts to be made and invested as a permanent source of income for God’s work!


You can make a designated or non-designated legacy gift to the Christ United Legacy Endowment Fund:
• Cash      • Appreciated Publicly Traded Securities      • Real Property and Tangible Personal Property

While non-designated gifts are preferable {because they provide Christ United with flexibility in funding ministry projects}, you may designate your gift to support ministries such as:  Building and Grounds, Community Outreach, Disadvantaged Youth, World Missions, Worship

Anyone can make a legacy gift, in any amount. 
You make the decision of how much to give and how to give it.
You can make Christ United a beneficiary of your life insurance policy or retirement plan.
You can give a fixed amount through your estate planning/will.
You can donate real or personal property such as land, homes, works of art, antiques, coin or stamp collections, jewelry, and other items.
You can make a gift in honor or memory of loved ones.

Endowment Contact Information

Christ United Methodist Church Finance Office   601-956-6974
Karma Williams, Chairperson