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Jesus said, "Let your light shine before people"... Our light is the love of Christ radiating out from us. "Not" going into the world is never an option for people who claim to follow Jesus. Taking our light is letting our good works give glory to our heavenly Father. Jesus sends his disciples into the world to make other disciples. If we are modeling the life of Jesus, then we can invite others to join us. We must be intentional about our words, our actions, our choices, our spending, our giving, and our praying. Until our hearts break for the needs of people around us we cannot say that we are living in God's mission fully. God's mission is always and foremost, to the least, the last, and the lost. If we think that we are not in need of God's grace, the we have nothing to share of God's goodness in our lives. Join us in reflecting about our witness together. What is God calling us to be and do now? How will we "GO" into the world and be a light?
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Missions Ministry Staff

Rev. Sheila Cumbest, Associate Pastor
Beverly Luehlfing, Missions Assistant


Missions Office Contact Information:

Phone Number: 601.914.7108
Email Address: missions@christunitedjxn.org

Local Missions

We start with considering the needs of our communities. "Who is my neighbor" the rich man asked Jesus. Our neighbors are the people who live next to us, and the people who are in need who may be strangers. Together we can reach into our community and serve our neighbors by connecting them to Jesus.

Global Missions

We join hands in many ways with partners through the United Methodist Church, other churchs and organizations to be in mission around the world. Our giving is certainly one way we reach around the world, but nothing replaces the impact of relationships through serving personally. Described in the following pages are a few ways we serve in the world. We remain open to new ways that God may show us to partner through global missions.