Senior Adult Ministry
Senior Adult Leadership Team {S.A.L.T.}

The mission of the Senior Adult Leadership Team within the context of the vision and mission of Christ United is to reach out to guide, equip, nurture and encourage Senior Adults of Christ United and our community. While persons who have reached the age of 60+ years are the primary age for this ministry, it is the hope of S.A.L.T. that the senior adult members of our church are currently engaged in meaningful and appropriate ways within the larger context of the ministries of Christ United.  Bennie Daniels currently serves as the chairman for S.A.L.T. and Rod Borders is the pastor to Senior Adults and Congregational Care.

Extended Worship Service

Worship is the fundamental center of everything we do as Christians. The senior adults at Christ United are encouraged to make worship services the primary commitment of their spiritual journey of faith. In addition to regular Sunday worship times, S.A.L.T. in partnership with the Evangelism Ministry Team extends worship opportunities to our local nursing homes, assisted living, and independent living facilities in order to achieve the commitment of connecting people to Jesus so that lives, families, and community can be restored.

Study Groups for Senior Adults

We offer a variety of opportunities for personal growth in discipleship. Some of these opportunities include: Early Morning Men's Bible Study Groups, Seminars for Leadership Development, Sunday School, UMW, Women's Bible Study and discussion groups.  


Fellowship is vital for the spiritual well-being of disciples of all ages. Some of the on-going opportunities to grow and develop this important area includes: JOY (Just Older Youth), and Retired Men's Coffee Group.

Wellness Ministries

Mature Fitness Exercise instructed by Charlotte Craig is a stretching class for senior adults that meets every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the Youth Worship Center from 10:15 - 11:15am. The one hour program is designed for adaptable physical activity according to the participant's comfort level that includes stretching, flexibility, balance and strength training.

Opportunities to GIVE

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Areas of Service & Additional Information
Nursing Home, Assisted Living and Home Bound Ministry