SOAP Study - September 10, 2020

    09.10.20 | by Larry Williamson

    SCRIPTURE: Philemon 1:17-20 17 So if you consider me your partner, welcome him as you would welcome me. 18 If he has wronged you in any way or owes you anything, charge it to me. 19 I, PAUL, WRITE THIS WITH MY OWN HAND...

      SOAP Study - September 9, 2020

      09.09.20 | by Larry Williamson

      SCRIPTURE: Philemon 1:12-16 12 I am sending him back to you, and with him comes my own heart. 13 I wanted to keep him here with me while I am in these chains for preaching the Good News, and he would have helped me on your...

        SOAP Study - September 8, 2020

        09.08.20 | by Larry Williamson

        SCRIPTURE: Philemon 1:8-11 8 That is why I am boldly asking a favor of you. I could demand it in the name of Christ because it is the right thing for you to do. 9 But because of our love, I prefer simply to ask you. Consider this...

          SOAP Study - September 7, 2020

          09.07.20 | by Larry Williamson

          SCRIPTURE:  Philemon 1:1-7 1 This letter is from Paul, a prisoner for preaching the Good News about Christ Jesus, and from our brother Timothy. I am writing to Philemon, our beloved co-worker, 2 and to our sister Apphia, and...

            SOAP Study - September 4, 2020

            09.04.20 | by Katherine Jordan

            SCRIPTURE: Philippians 4:14-23 14 Even so, you have done well to share with me in my present difficulty. 15 As you know, you Philippians were the only ones who gave me financial help when I first brought you the Good News and then...

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