SOAP Study - August 12, 2020

    08.12.20 | by Lauren Sledge


    Philippians 1:12-14

    12 And I want you to know, my dear brothers and sisters,[a] that everything that has happened to me here has helped to spread the Good News. 13 For everyone here, including the whole palace guard,[b] knows that I am in chains because of Christ. 14 And because of my imprisonment, most of the believers[c] here have gained confidence and boldly speak God’s message[d] without fear.


    • What verse stood out to you while you were reading?
    • What did you discover about God, yourself, and others?
    • How should this information impact your life?
    • What needs to be different about the way you are currently living?
    • Take some time to talk to God about the things you just learned and how you want your life to look different. Give God thanks for revealing these things to you, ask Him for wisdom and courage to move forward so that you can apply these things to your life.

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    Paul is writing this letter to the Philippians while he is in jail. Even still in verse 12, he says that everything that has happened while he was in jail has helped to spread the Gospel. He says everyone where he is knows the reason he is in jail is because of Jesus Christ. Here’s the big piece…Paul recognizes that because of his suffering, believers have gained confidence to speak about the Gospel.


    You may be thinking, “Well Lauren, this has nothing to do with me, because I’m not in jail.” I would agree with you, but I would also remind you that we all face different kinds of trials and suffering. How we handle the trials and suffering points to Christ or away from Christ. When we have the courage to proclaim God’s goodness even when everything else is going wrong in our world, others that watch the way we handle the situation are empowered and encouraged to do the same. What trial are you walking through right now? Maybe you are having a hard time identifying one. As an extrovert, one trial I am walking through is this COVID-19 season. Not being able to see friends and family is tough for me. Whatever your trial is, remember that other believers gain confidence in God’s message and begin to boldly speak God’s message without fear when they see us proclaiming God’s message during our trial.


    Holy Spirit, thank you for using others to give us confidence and boldness to speak your truth and your Gospel without fear. Help me to remember in the middle of my trial that I can help other believers in the way I live my life during my trials. Amen.