SOAP Study - July 2, 2020

    07.02.20 | by Rocky Shack


    Romans 7:1-6

    Now, dear brothers and sisters[a]—you who are familiar with the law—don’t you know that the law applies only while a person is living? For example, when a woman marries, the law binds her to her husband as long as he is alive. But if he dies, the laws of marriage no longer apply to her. So while her husband is alive, she would be committing adultery if she married another man. But if her husband dies, she is free from that law and does not commit adultery when she remarries.

    So, my dear brothers and sisters, this is the point: You died to the power of the law when you died with Christ. And now you are united with the one who was raised from the dead. As a result, we can produce a harvest of good deeds for God. When we were controlled by our old nature,[b] sinful desires were at work within us, and the law aroused these evil desires that produced a harvest of sinful deeds, resulting in death. But now we have been released from the law, for we died to it and are no longer captive to its power. Now we can serve God, not in the old way of obeying the letter of the law, but in the new way of living in the Spirit.


    • What verse stood out to you while you were reading?
    • What did you discover about God, yourself, and others?
    • How should this information impact your life?
    • What needs to be different about the way you are currently living?
    • Take some time to talk to God about the things you just learned and how you want your life to look different. Give God thanks for revealing these things to you, ask Him for wisdom and courage to move forward so that you can apply these things to your life.

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    Wow! Out of all the places my mind could have gone, it landed on that old Peaches & Herb song “Reunited and it feels so good!” I really hope no one goes to look that song up now. Paul’s verse 4 is such a joyful line! But, in order to really appreciate the joy of that verse that we are now united with the LORD, we must remember and understand the significance of being disunited in sin. This is the Gospel—remembering where we were, what changed it and how we got back there. God, we were yours before we were not. We had your purpose and your plan, and we rejected it with sin. Our sin disunited the intimacy God planned for us with God. Our sin created this great separation between God and us that we could not overcome. We could not fix it ourselves. But, where there is a God-sized separation, it was going to take a God-sized reconciliation. God, the one who loved us from before the beginning, came down among us as Jesus to be with us and for us in the most loving way this world has ever experienced. On the most important cross ever, Jesus would die for our sins, so we could die to our sins. But, three days later, by the power of the Good Spirit of God, Jesus would raise from the dead. And, when Jesus rose to life, so did we by the same power! Now, we are reunited, and it really does feel so good! There were breakups, fights, and cheating, but there will still be a marriage! We are a perfect fit only because the Perfect One has made it so!


    We are saved by faith alone in Christ. Because of Jesus, we can be dead to sin and its consequences. Sin may trip us up, but we are united with Christ and by the Holy Spirit we are connected to the body of Christ, too. So, stay connected to Jesus! Remain in God’s love and God’s love in us, so we can bear good fruit for the sake of the Gospel! We cannot produce connected to sin but connected to Jesus, we can! Try to put words of praise on our lips for the one who has united us.


    Almighty God! To you deserves all the praise and the glory! I could not save myself from my sin, but you have paid it all so that I might live and live more abundantly. Though I break your heart, you have mine. I trust you with my life. I wish I could say that I am always there, but I am not. Help me to trust that if you can save my life from eternal doom that you could lead me in this life, too! Help me to see the good fruit in my life that is only there because you were willing to connect with this sinner! Thank you for being unlike what I think you should be! You prove me wrong every day! Please don’t grow tired of it!