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The Adult Ministry exists to help individuals, marriages, and families connect to Jesus and commit to his way. We believe that it is by connecting to Jesus and committing to His way that people find life, life abundantly, and life at its best. Connecting to Jesus and committing to His way is more than a one-time choice and commitment, but a life-long journey and commitment  We believe this journey is best done with others. We call this journey with others, “Group Life.”

 What Is Group Life?

A group is a community of people who meet together consistently, share life together, study God’s word, strive to apply it to their life, pray together, support each other, and provide a safe place to share the joys and struggles of life. According to the Bible, you can’t grow alone. We need a community of people to journey with in life. This is why we are committed to help everyone at Christ United find and connect to a group.

 Types of Groups

At Christ United, we have five different types of groups in order to help you find the best group for your desires, needs, and season in life. Here are brief descriptions of these five different types of groups:

Small Groups

A small group is a group that consists of 3-15 people that meet on a consistent basis. Each group differs, but in general these groups will share life together, spend time in scripture and/or a curriculum, encourage one another, serve together, and help each other connect to Jesus and commit to His way. Some of these meet in homes and some meet at the church, including Sunday morning and Wednesday nights. Some have a leader and facilitator, while others share the load. Some groups will meet consistently throughout the year, while others may take breaks at different seasons.

Sunday Schools

Sunday Schools vary in size, demographics, and style. Some are smaller, while some are larger. Some have a consistent age range, while some are intergenerational. Some of our Sunday School classes are lecture and teaching based, while others are more discussion based. Many people choose to connect to a Sunday school class because of the convenience of already being present on campus for Sunday morning worship. Sunday Schools are often a quick way to connect, because Sunday School classes meet every week, same time and same place. 

 Marriage Groups

Christ United Marriage Ministry utilizes the Re|Engage Marriage Ministry Curriculum. Re|Engage provides marriage enrichment, help, and resources for all stages of marriage and pre-marriage. Rather you are engaged or considering marriage, just getting started, or been married for some time and want to reconnect or connect on a deeper level, our marriage groups are a great place to connect. 

Recovery Groups

Christ United Recovery Groups are connected to our Celebrate Recovery Ministry. Celebrate Recovery is a ministry for anyone going through a hurt, habit, or a hang-up. If you, a family member, or a friend are walking through a hurt, a struggle, an addiction, trauma, or any issue, Celebrate Recovery is a great community in which to connect. Celebrate Recovery meets on Thursday Nights from 5:00pm-8:00pm. Click HERE for more information.

How To Connect To A Group

As you can guess, we have so many groups it could be overwhelming in finding the best group for you. We have an incredible staff who are not only passionate about connecting you to a group, but who are very knowledgeable about each group. 

Our goal is to help you find the best group for you as soon as possible. We have found the best way to do this is for our staff team to hear from you about your season in life, needs and desires, preferences, and availability and help make the best  recommendations. There are three steps in this process:

  1. Fill out the Group Life Information Form HERE
  2. Receive a call from a staff member for a brief conversation and 1-3 group recommendations.
  3. Try out the groups