BreakThru 2021


You may email   to be put on the wait list. Please include student name, grade, and school in the email. Texts, phone calls, or emails to any other person/email address will not be accepted for the wait list.

Fast Facts

Who: 6th - 12th Grade Students
Where: Timber Creek Camp | Pulaski, MS
When: January 15 - 18, 2021
Registration Date:
          For grades 6-8, November 1st at 2pm CST
          For grades 9-12, November 1st at 3pm CST
How will I register: BREAKTHRU REGISTRATION IS FULL.You may email   to be put on the wait list. Please include student name, grade, and school in the email. Texts, phone calls, or emails to any other person/email address will not be accepted for the wait list.
Cost: $265

Note: This year Breakthru will function at 75% capacity. What this means for Christ United is we normally take 205 students and this year we are only able to take 142 student spots divided equally over grades 6-12.

Check List

Fill out Christ United Medical Release Form 

Register (link goes here)

For grades 6-8, November 1st at 2pm CST
For grades 9-12, November 1st at 3pm CST

If registration is full, email  with the student's name, grade, and school.

Detailed Information

Medical Releases for each individual are required by the date of registration to be considered registered. If you have any questions about whether or not you have turned in this form for the 2020 - 2021 school year, please email , and we will be happy to check on this for you. Please remember, this form must be updated each year. For example, if you went to BreakThru last year with us, that form is NOT valid. If you have filled out a form since August 2020, that form IS valid.

You can access the Medical Release Form here.

Who can I register? You may only register your own child/immediate family (or yourself) for this event. For example, you may register your child, step-child, or grandchild (or yourself). You may NOT register your friend or cousin.

You must only register high schoolers (9-12th graders) in the high school registration and middle schoolers (6-8th graders) in the middle school registration to be considered registered. If you register your child with the incorrect age group, the registration is not valid.

Wait List: If registration fills up before you can register, you may email to be put on the wait list. Please include student name, grade, and school in the email. Texts, phone calls, or emails to any other person/email address will not be accepted for the wait list.

Refund/Cancellation Policy: We understand that life happens and things change. If you need to cancel your spot, please contact us at If you cancel by December 2, you will receive a refund of $265.00. If you cancel after December 2, we can only give you a full refund if someone can fill your spot. Refunds will not be issued until after the retreat.

Due to COVID-19, Breakthru has put safety measures in place to keep all attendees safe while at camp! Below are the changes worth noting for safety measures.

Before coming to camp

Prior to entering Christ United for check-in, all students’ temperatures will be checked. If the student has a temperature of 100.4 or greater, they will not be allowed to attend BreakThru.

We will also require a parent/guardian to sign a waiver for their student verifying that they have not been exposed to COVID and do not have COVID symptoms. This waiver can be downloaded HERE.

Travel to/from breakthru

There are two options:

1. Students can ride charter buses as we have done in the past
Note: Masks must be worn the entire time

2. Parents can transport to and from camp
Note: If you choose this option, you must transport to camp on Friday and from camp on Monday (you provide round trip transportation for your student)

Mask Requirements at Breakthru

Students will be required to wear masks:

  • in the dining hall unless they are seated at their table eating
  • waiting in line to enter the chapel for worship or bible study sessions
  • inside buildings during all sessions (this includes worship)
Dining Protocols

The dining hall will remain at 50% capacity and the tables will be spread apart.

Cabins will eat together at the same table.

TC Staff will be masked and gloved to hand trays, drinks, silverware, and serve food.

TC will have 6’ markers on the ground and students will be encouraged to stand on the markers.

Cabins will rotate through the Dining hall on a schedule.

Masks are required during serving line and until seated to eat.

Small Groups will line up in order on the porch and enter the dining hall by group. Students will HAVE to be with their small group, lined up, outside the dining hall at the appointed hour to be served at meal-times.

Hand Sanitizer will be available at all entrances of the dining hall.

All tables and chairs cleaned and disinfected after each use

Sleeping Protocols

Cabin capacity will be reduced.

Small groups will stay together.

Bunk sleeping is head to toe and toe to head.

Antibacterial soap will be provided in every bathroom.

Christ United will also provide hand sanitizer for groups.

Worship/sessions/late night protocols

Masks will be required while in line and during worship sessions.

Seating will be assigned based off small group.

All chairs will be sanitized after each use.

Hand Sanitizer will be available at every entrance.

recreation protocols

Students will gather in the open-air pavilion with their small group.

Games will be played within small groups.

free time protocols

Dining hall will be open at 50% capacity.

Common bathrooms in the dining hall will be closed.

Outside activity area numbers will be limited according to the state regulations at the time of camp.

Masks must be worn inside indoor common areas.

cleaning protocols

TC Staff will wipe down and disinfect common surfaces throughout the day.

Rec equipment will be cleaned throughout the day.

suspected COVID-19 Symptoms while at camp

If small group leader or student notices symptoms, they must be immediately reported to J, Katherine, or Lauren

The person will then be isolated at a quarantine room set apart at Timber Creek.

  • The small group connected to the person will be temporarily quarantined in their cabin.

The student or leader will see the Doctor/RN on site.

  • If the Doctor/RN suspects COVID, the person will be sent to Brandon for Rapid Testing.
  • If the test is positive, the person and their small group will stay in quarantine until taken home.
packing list

What to Bring

Bible, notebook & a pen/pencil/crayon/marker (whatever you like to take notes with). 

Toiletries, Shower Shoes, & TOWELS 

Pillow, sleeping bag and/or sheets and blankets 

Comfortable clothes for 3 days (you may get dirty during recreation one day so you’ll need 2 sets on that day). Watch the weather and plan accordingly!!! 

Rain coat (Not a necessity, but nice to have if you need it) 

If you have an eno, it’s a fun thing to bring and hang in the trees! (Please do not go buy one for this, just an idea of a fun thing to bring). 

A trash bag for wet clothes.

Personal size hand sanitizer  


All food except extra snacks are included in the price. Extra snacks include chips, candy bars, sodas which sell for anywhere from $0.50 - $1.00. Also, there will be a retreat bookstore with devotional books and long sleeve t-shirts; suggested spending money Max of $20-$30 

Each year students are divided into teams for recreation and activities. We will update participants with team colors when we know them! 

What not to Bring

No alcohol, tobacco products, or adult oriented material. 

No fireworks, shaving cream (unless you intend to shave with it), or water balloons.

No laptop computers or tablets. 

Please don’t bring excess food! We’ve had problems with trash!  

No weapons of ant kind