What is NextGen Ministry?

NextGen is anyone from birth to high school. The NextGen team at Christ United consists of staff and volunteers within the Kids Ministry and Youth Ministry partnering together to connect people to Jesus - because every age and stage of life has its own purpose and challenges, and they all matter. To be clear, we still have a Kids Ministry and a Youth Ministry. NextGen ministry is simply our way of committing to provide a consistent environment and philosophy of ministry throughout the different phases of life. 
How do we do that?

  • Partner with families at pivotal transitions
  • Teach comprehensively from preschool through high school
  • Train leaders on how to work with specific age groups
  • Improve dialogue and cooperation between ministries
  • Resource parents to interact with kids in the home

Meet our team
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Resources for Engaging the Conversation of Race
Parents of Kids:
Parents of Youth:
For the Whole Family:

Kids Ministry
Youth Ministry

“because every kid matters and what you do at every phase matters”