Christ United Methodist Church offers a Memorial Garden and Columbarium on our campus. In case you aren't familiar with the concept, a columbarium is a structure that houses urns which contain cremated remains. The columbarium is located at the South Great Hall entrance and serves as a place of remembrance, contemplation, meditation, and prayer. This sacred space was created to affirm the church's care for its members from birth and baptism through death and eternal life. 

The Church's mission is to make disciples and to provide spiritual guidance for people from cradle to grave. Having a columbarium on our campus recognized that we are to minister to people and their families and loved ones in death just as we minister to them in life. 

The presence of a columbarium on our campus is a visible symbol of our mystical connection to the saints of God in every age.

I encourage you to carefully and prayerfully consider the benefits of this addition to our church facility. The following information from our Columbarium Committee will be helpful in understanding the process for purchasing a niche. Please feel free to contact us at .


How do I purchase a niche?

Please email  to purchase a niche.

Who can be inured in the columbarium?

Members or former members, pastors, and staff of the Church, their current or prior spouses, their children (natural or adopted), and step-children, their parents, and ordained United Methodist Church pastors and their current or prior spouses by be inured at the columbarium.

How much does a niche cost, and what is included in the price?

A full niche (maximum of two) total cost is $3,000. A half niche total cost is $1,500. This pricing includes the niche, and urn for each person inured, engraving the face plate, choice of niche location available at the time of purchase, inurnment by Christ United Methodist Church pastoral staff, opening and closing of the inurnment space, record keeping, and maintenance in perpetuity. 

What can be inscribed on niche?

The person's or persons' full name(s) with month and year of birth and death. For an additional cost, military service emblems are available. 

Will clergy perform a service at the time of inurnment?

A brief service will be held at the time of each inurnment by a member of the clergy staff. 

How will the church and funeral home interact?

At the time of death, the family, funeral home, and a designated church staff member will communicate with each other. The church will make provision for the delivery of the urn to the funeral home. The funeral home will arrange for the cremation and delivery of the ashes to the family or the church, as directed. The cremains will be retained in a safe place until the time of inurnment.

When is the inurnment usually done?

Inurnment or other services will be made when reasonably feasible after the church has received adequate notice from you or your heirs or personal representative. Often, inurnment will take place immediately before or after a memorial service. In the event of inclement weather, inurnment may be delayed until practical. If so, the church staff administration may suggest an alternative time or day. 

May I sell the niche to another person?

Yes, but only if you obtain prior permission. The sale, transfer, or re-assignment of the niche without prior counseling and written consent of the church administration is not allowed.

Must I pay for an entire niche if I am single?

Yes, you may opt to share a niche with another person; if so please make arrangement separately while jointly completing the certificate of ownership. 

Are finance options available?

No, payment for the niche(s) must be paid in full at the time of purchase. If afford-ability is an issue please speak directly with one of our clergy staff or columbarium committee members. 

Who maintains the records and operates the columbarium?

The staff of Christ United Methodist Church maintains all files and records for the columbarium, including the identity and location of cremains inured in or removed. Funds are appropriated for the perpetual care and maintenance of the columbarium including architecture and landscaping, and supervises all service providers. 

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, set us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that holds on to us so tightly. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.  Hebrews 12:1