Race & Unity

Race & Unity exists to provide our church with the proper tools and resources to listen and learn, so that we can lead in our fight against racial inequity and systemic oppression in our world today. Where do I start? Start with Scripture and just keep moving forward! Our church will join the Church and be a part of the solution!


“The Book of Revelations portrays a multiethnic congregation that is not simply equal to each other but joined to one another.”

Bible Reading Plan

The Family Table by Albert Tate from Fellowship Monrovia

Race & the Bible by The Village Church


"The ones crying out for justice are your neighbors, too, so how will you love them?”

Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson

The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander


“The Gospel is not silent, so why are we?”

The Church’s Lack of Witness by James E. Swanson, Bishop of the Mississippi United Methodist Conference

Color of Compromise by Jemar Tisby

Divided by Faith by Michael Emerson and Christian Smith

Be the Bridge by LaTasha Morrison

Multiethnic Conversations by Mark DeYmaz and Oneya Fennell Okuwobi


“When whiteness is the litmus test for what is considered normal behavior, culture and appearance”

White Awake by Daniel Hill

I’m Still Here by Austin Channing Brown

Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack by Peggy McIntosh

Parents of Kids:

How to talk to kids about race. The Atlantic.

How to talk to kids about racism. The Village Church.

Use Your Kitchen Table to Teach Your Kids About Diversity. The Village Church.

Race in America – a brief overview video by Phil Vischer, creator of Veggie Tales, of systemic racism in our country

Parents of Youth:

Oneness Embraced by Tony Evans on RightNow Media

Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man YouTube series by Emmanuel Acho.

Conversation on Race and the Church by CUMC

We Hear You. YouTube documentary by Civil Righteousness


God’s Very Good Idea by Trillia Newbell

Colorfull by Dorena Williamson

God Made Me and You by Shai Linne and Trish Mahoney

The Gospel in Color by Curtis A. Woods and Jarvis J. Williams

Voice of Freedom by Carole Boston Weatherford

God Made Me Unique by Joni and Friends


The Princess and the Frog. For the first time in Disney’s history, there is a black princess named Tiana. Can you see two distinct worlds painted in New Orleans?

Ruby Bridges. If there was someone who was different from everyone else and was treated poorly because of that difference, would you do anything to help that person? Why or why not?

Remember the Titans. How do the relationships between the coaches and their players change over time?

Glory Road. When Coach Haskins allows his players to “play their way,” why is the team more effective?

Zootopia. What did you notice about the categories among the characters and how they were treated because of them? Was the city of Zootopia really what the characters thought it was?

The Color of Friendship. What has Mahree been taught to think about America and Americans? What has Piper been taught to think about Africa and South Africans?


13th (Netflix)

The Hate U Give (Prime Video)

Just Mercy (YouTube)