SOAP Study


Sign up to receive a text message or email from Christ United on Mondays – Fridays. Each morning you will receive the verses for the day. Each week a different Christ United ministry leader will share their SOAP study to help guide you as you participate in your own SOAP study. These can also be used as a daily devotional.

What is soap?

SOAP is a method of reading your Bible and applying what you read in a practical way. It is simple, practical, and incredibly impactful. It’s a way of not just reading the Scripture but interacting with it and letting it impact your life. SOAP is an acronym for the process: Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer.

how to do soap

First, use the scripture that Christ United will provide daily Monday-Friday, starting June 8 as we begin going through the book of Romans together. Second, find something to write on. You might prefer a notebook, journal, or even an app on your phone or tablet. Click HERE to download a blank SOAP Study Journal. Finally, follow the process below.
Scripture - Read a passage of scripture and write down a verse or two that jumps out to you.
Observation - What are your personal observations that you note from this scripture?
Application - How does it now apply to your every day life? What can you do to apply this in your life today?
PrayerWrite a personal prayer based on your observation and application.