Ways to Serve

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"A church is at its best when everyone finds their place to serve" 
Thank you for your interest in joining the Serve Team! We want to help you discover how your story and your gifts can help others. There is room for you to get in the game and serve through Christ United.

Our church

Compassion for others not only extends to the world, but it is a mission within the church and our community. It is the mission of the church to attend to physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of individuals and families. On the Our Church page, you will find several ways to get involved and serve others on one of our serve teams.

our city

Our neighbors are the people who live next to us and the people who are in need who may be strangers. On the Our City page, you will find some of the ways we reach into our community - and serve our neighbors. 

Our world

We join hands in many ways with partners through the United Methodist Church, other churches, and organizations to be in mission around the world. Our giving is certainly one way we reach around the world, but nothing replaces the impact of relationships through serving personally. Described on the Our World page are a few ways we serve in the world. 


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