Current Needs


The Connection is one of the local ministries that Christ United supports. It focuses on the next generation between the ages of 5-18 in the Northeast Jackson/Ridgeland area. They meet on Wednesday nights during the school year, and their mission is to  spread the love of Jesus by establishing relationships and creating safe spaces for kids to be themselves and see who Jesus is.

The Connection has TWO Current Needs:

1) The Connection Kids’ Store
The Connection Kids’ volunteers put on a "store" for the Connection kids. Throughout the year, the kids have been able to earn "connection bucks" through attendance, helping clean-up, etc. - on Wednesday, May 5, the kids can use their "connection bucks" to purchase items to give to their moms, siblings, grandparents (or for themselves!) It truly is one of the most fun nights at The Connection! We need donations for this store! Click the link below to see popular items (but items are not limited to this.) If you see items on sale while you are out, please proceed! The gifts should be in the $5-$25 range. Please drop donations off at the church by Sunday, May 2. There will be a basket in the Great Hall marked "Connection Store."  You may leave gift cards with the receptionist at the church front desk. For more questions, or for more information, email


2) The Connection Kids’ Meal Sign-Up
The Connection ministry would LOVE help with Wednesday night meals. This is a huge help to this ministry! They meet at Holmes Community College: 412 West Ridgeland Avenue, Ridgeland. There is one sign-up per meal, but feel free to invite others or join-in with your small group to provide a meal together. Due to Covid, we need individually wrapped items (hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, etc.) If you have questions, please contact Jennifer Mathison at 601-573-7272 or Sarah Largen at 601-506-5265.